Finger Only Units

Biometric Time and Attendance Finger Units can give punctuality a new meaning in your organization. With features such as registration of 500 employees or more, cut off punching time, customization of breaks , inbuilt battery back-up, web based software and many more features, reporting to work late will soon be a thing of the past. Choose from a range of budget friendly biometric models which look smart and which also carry 1 year product warranty.

RFID Card Units

RFID Time and Attendance Units are ideal for workplaces where there are more employees such as factories, construction sites, bigger corporations etc. These RFID card units are easy to install and can support up to 30,000 users. Simply use a manufacturer backed RFID card to swipe in and to swipe out on each working day. Choose from a range of budget friendly RFID card models which look smart and which also carry 1 year product warranty.

Face Detection Units

Face Detection Time and Attendance Units work by scanning a person’s retina and do not require any touching or swiping in order to register attendance. These biometric units scan store up to 400 faces and have an inbuilt touch screen as well as a mini camera also. We recommend these models for corporates and construction sites. We have a number of biometric models which carry 1 year product warranty to suit your requirements.

Combination Units

If you would prefer to have a combination unit, then we have some great models for you. Choose from a wide range of Finger + Card units, Face + Finger units, Face + Finger + Card units or Face + Card units. Each of these combination biometric time and attendance units has various customizable features and carries 1 year product warranty also.